Our Sun Is An Oven Broil Element

Spring has sprung with all the ferociousness of a nursing titmouse this year. It's been everywhere from cool to freezing with snow with dull, grey skies. Even when it was 23°C (73.4°F) yesterday, there was a cool wind and cloud cover that occasionally made it feel like October. It is depressing as hell.

"You forgot to turn off the broiler," the Palinode said, pulling the oven door ajar.
"Damn. I'm sorry about that," I said.
"This feels nice," he said, leaning over the open door to catch the waves of heat.
"It sure does," I said, joining him.
"We should do this more often."
"Um, hon?"
"If we're huddling around the oven for warmth," I said, "I think we could really use summer already."

It is the latter half of MAY, people, and we're huddling around the oven like hobos around a burning garbage can. God hates Saskatchewan.

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