I Made A New Masthead For Clumps And Voids

Clumps and Voids masthead

I made this!

Jmartin of Clumps and Voids asked if I would create a masthead for her website, and I said that I would in a timely fashion, but it turned out that I was completely lying, because I took three times as long as I said I would. I am an artiste, people, and a little purple being commanding the universe's detritus takes lots of dreaming about rocks and aliens to happen. I know. I've been hanging out in the void with really quiet aliens every night in my dreams for weeks.

Why are the aliens so quiet? I don't know. And they're not just quiet. They are devoid of sound. That sounds creepy, but it's not. That little purple person? Not creepy at all. That little purple alien is actually crazy cute to meet in person. It's kind of like having tea with a really cute kid that reminds you of the one in "The Matrix" who bent spoons telekinetically.

This is all my crazy artist-type concoction of ideas born out of dreamtime, and I'm starting to think that it sounds like I should be defending myself against the creep-factor and not the purple alien. Great.

I'm not creepy. I swear. Although that guy who tried to date me once that somehow convinced himself I was murderously psychotic after a simple billiards game would beg to differ. He was wrong on all counts, though. He was a hippie who had sworn off washing his hair. I at least washed myself on a regular basis.

Right, so. Go check out that masthead in its home environment at Clumps and Voids, and say hello!

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