UPrinting Wants to Give You 500 Free Business Cards

It's a giveaway! And don't we all love giveaways? Okay, well, some of you don't, but you are just supremely weird. This is a chance at getting your hands on some free stuff, and free stuff is always more awesome than stuff that is not free, isn't it? I never find myself mooning about the apartment wondering why I don't have a bottle opener with a magnet on it, but damn it if I don't glow a little when some business gives me one with their logo on it for free. Suddenly, I've just experienced a wee bit of Christmas.

UPrinting, a company with over 25 years of experience in business card printing, asked me if I would like to offer up 1000 free business cards to my readers, and I kind of had to say yes, because I have a thing for business cards. They are such great little means of introduction, and they have the potential to be really freaking cool.

So, I have two sets of 500 business cards each from UPrinting to give away to two lucky entrants, and, because you're such smart little kittens, I am sure that you probably have need of these tools of self-promotion. I know I do.

You can enter to win one of two ways (or both ways for a double entry!):

leave a comment here that explains the creative way in which you would put these cards to use, and/or

write a post on your own blog that links both to this giveaway blog entry here and to www.uprinting.com.

This contest will run for the next three days until the evening of Friday, May 15, after which I will use random.org to generate two random winners, and then I will contact the winners and post an announcement here. Please note that product shipping is free within the U.S. and Canada, but all other locations must pay shipping.

So, have at it in the comments! How would you use 500 free business cards?

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