Twitter And The Furries And I

The Bloggess put out a call on Twitter this morning,

and I casually responded with a mention that I once had a childhood crush on one of the big muppet monsters from "The Muppet Show", which was Sweetums, to be precise,

and then The Bloggess said that that was kind of fucked up,

which made me swoon a little, because it is somehow awesome when The Bloggess says that you are kind of fucked up, but it also taught me a couple of very important lessons.

If you choose to mention an old muppet crush on Twitter:

  • You can expect to be labelled a furry*.
  • Several of your followers will come out of their own little furry closets.
  • Also, several of your followers will unfollow you within minutes, because they could not handle the great rainbow of difference that makes up our beautiful world.
  • And, because The Bloggess has over 12,000 followers on Twitter, you will gain a bunch of new followers of your own whose intentions you are really suspicious about, and you'll feel like maybe you should let everyone know that you don't own a big puppy costume or anything even remotely resembling fun fur but that you have nothing against them being sexually attracted to stuffed animals and people dressed up as stuffed animals, it's just that your personal furry-ish phase ended at around the age of eight, but you can still talk furries if they want to, because you're pretty cool with it, but you don't tweet that, because someone is liable to say something like "me thinks Schmutzie doth protest too much", and then everyone will think I am a furry forever, when really people in costumes kind of freak me out, and I don't even do Halloween.

  • And you? What did you learn today?


    * I want to clear up that not all furries are into the sexual or pornographic element of the fetish, but that it was just this particular Twitter conversation's overtly sexual tone which referred to that particular subset of furry fans.

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