I'm The Coolest Person You Know

Not only was it sunny the other day, but it was also warm. In Saskatchewan in winter, sunny days usually mean that it is bitterly freaking cold outside, because there is no cloud cover to insulate our little part of the planet, so sunlight that actually provides a modicum of heat is a huge novelty in spring. I stood on the balcony with my face turned to the sun like a starving a plant.

And then a feeling of panic set in. I have a general level of anxiety that spices up my daily life, but occasionally it culminates in a panic attack. Oh, god, I thought, The blood! It's rushing to my head! I'm going to have an aneurysm!. I often think that I'm going to have an aneurysm. It's my death-to-fear of choice. I need to breeeeaaaathe! Breeeeaaaathe! Ahhhh! I took deep breaths, but the panic kept escalating. I started pulling at the scarf I had around my neck in an effort to loosen my clothing.

Guess what I found out? I had tied the scarf too tightly around my neck. I was not having a panic attack. I was cutting off the blood flow to my head. I WAS STRANGLING MYSELF WITH MY OWN SCARF.

So, I loosened the knot, the blood stopped pounding in my ears, and I felt fine. Imagine that. I'm the coolest person you know.

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