I Went To Las Vegas, And All I Took Was Five Lousy Pictures

I am about to show you three of the only five pictures I have from the MamaPop's writers meet-up in Las Vegas that I went to at the beginning of February.

You see, I proved myself to be a truly terrible blogger. There I was, a blogger in Vegas with eight other bloggers (the Palinode, Sweetney, Kelly, Sarah, Black Hockey Jesus, Miss Banshee, Jason, and Snarky Amber, to be exact), and the first time I turned on my camera while on a walk down the Las Vegas Strip to meet up with our fellow MamaPop lovelies, its little battery indicator started flashing red. This made me realize two things: 1) I had neglected to recharge my battery, and 2) I had also neglected to bring my battery recharger to Las Vegas. I quickly took a dozen photos with my camera, and then spent the rest of the trip taking fuzzy pictures with my cell phone camera, which has so far refused to release any of its pictures into my possession.

Without further adieu, here is the Palinode beneath an amazing glass sculpture at the Bellagio just before we ate ourselves into stuporous near-comas at the hotel's famous, crazy-expensive, blocks-long, international buffet:

the Palinode at the Bellagio in Vegas

And here are a few of my brethren in one of the Bellagio's lounges — Jason, Kelly, Miss Banshee, and small piece of Black Hockey Jesus' face:

MamaPop at the Bellagio in Vegas 1

It was difficult to order drinks there, because the waitresses' breasticles were hiked so treacherously high that it was difficult not to stare at them blankly while marveling at the power behind the amazing boning in their brassieres.

Not long after this picture was taken, we got it into our heads that karaoke was a must, and thus began our now well-known trail of tears, in which we dragged our sorry, travel-wearied asses up and down the Strip. Several miles later, we ended up at the Tropicana, a pathetic and depressing has-been by Las Vegas standards, because the internet told us that there was karaoke there. There was not. The karaoke night had been cancelled out of existence two weeks before, and THE INTERNET LIED. We sat down, shucked off our shoes, and drank. It was the only thing we could do in the face of the internet's betrayal.

Pictured below are Jason, Sweetney, the Palinode, Kelly, and Sarah, retreating to their various technical devices:

MamaPop at the Bellagio in Vegas 3

There were many more things my eyes saw, but I cannot show you them, because I AM A BAD BLOGGER WHO WENT TO LAS VEGAS AND LEFT THE HEART OF HER CAMERA IN CANADA. For shame.

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