15+ Edifying Links

Dude hears about kosher salt and thought he should make a Christian variety. Dude, that's stupid.

While we're on the subject of gonzo religion, there is an ex-masturbators movement afoot, and you can buy the t-shirt. These ex-masturbators claim that God never created solo sex and that masturbation creates sexual disorder, among other things. I guess God put me in this body and gave me ownership of a vagina that I'm not supposed to touch, and then he made it the most sensitive and pleasurable area of my body so that I definitely wouldn't touch it, and then, on top of it all, he gave me the ability to orgasm ONLY so that a man could control it. (By the way, I was raised in a Christian home that believed masturbation was healthy and normal. Ghastly, I know.)

YourFonts has this cool application that will turn your handwriting into a font for FREE. I haven't tested it yet, but I've heard good things. Give their free handwriting font generator a whirl.

Want to know what your chances of getting a tapeworm are?

If you stay dry-eyed when you read this story about Andy the Goat, your heart is dead. Unless you don't like goats for some reason. Nope, then your heart is still dead.

If you're in your thirties or forties, this forum discussion is going to make you feel ancient. A yougun queried: "I was reading about arcades and how you'd have to queue to play popular games as well as follow rules like no throwing in fighting game or the others wouldn't let you play. This seems rather strange. The money cost must have gotten expensive pretty quickly as well. I'm not old enough to have been to them when they were around so I'm curious about what they were like." Hilarity ensues.

Peruse this excellent gallery of covers from German design books.

Forest Haven was a children's developmental center in Laurel, Maryland that was shut down by a federal court and then abandoned in 1991. Check out this Flickr photo set of Forest Haven's remains.

The Cult of Done Manifesto needs to be printed large and taped to my wall.

I avoid juice as a rule, because I assume that highly processed foods must come from lesser sources, and juice is generally high in calories, but now I have extra reasons for avoiding it, according to Squeezed: What You Don't Know About Orange Juice. After reading the article, I wonder if orange juice is defined by its source or by its colour. I'm thinking that the latter is more likely.

"Southern Comfort" is an excellent documentary from 2001 about a transgender man dying of ovarian cancer in the southern United States. Now you can watch it here in ten parts.

The Science Museum's History of Medicine has a vast collection of medical objects from all over the world. I could pour through its disturbing collection all afternoon.

COLOURlovers shows you a world of colour, and I love it.

For "spectacular recipes and memorable food experiences", head to FXcuisine.com.

Great Depression Cooking with Clara is fantastic. I love hearing elders' stories, and seeing as she is 93 years old, she has a lot of them. Here's one of her episodes:

Grace In Small Things: Part 105 of 365

Grace In Small Things: Part 104 of 365