Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #19

Before we get Intrepid Tuesday underway, I would like to highlight a particular comment that this site received earlier this week:

I think there are a lot of brilliant posts in the blogosphere written by people who aren't mothers and aren't writing about their kids. So why is your site full of mommyblogs? The percentage is notable...

As you probably expect, the commenter in question was anonymous, which is the calling card of faultfinders the internet over.

This website is user driven. Every single link featured in posts here twice a week are submitted by readers like you for readers like you. I do not choose the content; YOU choose the content. So, if Anonymous thinks that the content here leans too heavily in one direction, and if that bothers Anonymous enough that they have to complain out loud about it, then Anonymous has to take some of the blame for it. Help spread the word and nominate blog entries that you would like to see here. Don't complain. Contribute!

Even though it's kind of annoying to have someone complain rather than contribute to change, I am reminded why it is that I enjoy putting together the posts here every week. This is a community affair. The entire purpose of this website is for readers and writers to share and enjoy and perhaps expand our reading horizons together. My Google Reader is now overstuffed and on the verge of explosion because of this website and all the contributors who have taken me to unexpected places on the internet, and I am sure that a few of you are in the same boat. Thanks to each and every one of you who nominates good writing and comes here to read every week. You people make this website happen.

And now, on with Intrepid Tuesday!

"As the Scalp Itches" from Always Home and Uncool

"A Celebration of the Unconventional Mother" from House of Prince

"Self-Proclaimed Facebook Whore" by Lisa at Chick Lit Is Not Dead

"Hello, My Name Is C.J. and I'm a Nasal Spray-aholic" from Traveling Circus

"The Poopin' Doll" from Tiffany's Spot

"Live Blogging My Diet" from Janana Bee

"The Package" from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction

"In My Next 29 Years" from Not Undecided

"Are Layoffs Unpatriotic?" from Authentic Organizations

"In Which We Contemplate Names For The New Baby But Remain Largely Undecided" from Crooked House

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'Til we meet again on Friday!

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