15 Links I Like

If you are using a Mac, you can download a little program to make your keyboard sound like an old-fashioned typewriter. Clackety clack clack clack.

Kidrobot's Munny is the best toy/craft project/art canvas I've seen in a long while. LOVE.

MangoFalls began with a collection of undeveloped rolls of film found in old cameras at second-hand shops and has evolved into a delightful site full of vintage photographs that would otherwise have been lost to time.

Does Facebook need to make some improvements? Peter Shankman thinks so: "Five Ways Facebook Can Win the War of Relevance".

Check out what happens when you leave two cameras on park benches in New York City.

"Replacing Things Lost" by Amy DePaul at The Morning News explores the bizarre obsession with larger breast size in the world of post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery.

Visit paper n stitch for excellent shopping, creative inspiration, and DIY projects and tutorials.

Do you choose your toilet paper based on softness? According to Leslie Kaufman at the NYTimes.com, you must be a treehater.

Tacky Weddings promises "all things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in weddings".

This Magazine's "Undone" explores the horrible reality of the treatment of sexual assault by Canadian Police departments, which label hundreds of cases every year as "unfounded".

L. Filipe dos Santos' See . Saw showcases the amazing possibilities that can emerge with the marriage of some paint, a ballpoint pen, and a moleskine notebook.

The barreleye is the COOLEST fish ever. Seriously. Its head is transparent.

Read Basil Bunting's Complete Poems.

Caboodle Ranch is a cat sanctuary that was unintentionally started when Craig Grant, a man who had never previously even liked cats, found himself deeply devoted to the creatures. Watch this video of him at Caboodle Ranch, where he takes care of more than 500 felines.

Time for some sushi:

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