The Final Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #22

It's the LAST Intrepid Tuesday!

I have been giving this one some thought over the last couple of months, because Tuesdays have been a bit of a bearcat over here, and I don't know why Tuesdays have been more of a bearcat than Fridays, but they just have been. I spend quite a bit of time explaining what Intrepid Tuesdays are about as opposed to Five Star Fridays. Why are they done on separate days? If I submit posts on a Tuesday, does that mean I'm a bad person? Why won't you let me submit an explicit post about my mother? It's been getting kind of hectic up in here, and I have decided to keep this site as it was originally: people will submit other people's posts that they think are of a higher calibre for Five Star Friday roundups.

Is that cool with you? Good, because, really, this is for the good of all mankind. Or at least for the good of me. I kind of like me.

Also, I might take to asking some of the nominees occasionally if they would be alright with me posting their excellent work here during the week, so you might see some good posts showing up here that our lazy selves won't have to click through lists to find and read.

So, in actuality, there might be more going on here from now on, not less.

And so, here are the last of our Tuesday intrepids:

"What Lies Beneath" from Slouching Past 40

"A Year Without Fear" from Stay at Aum Mom

"A Blanket Statement, A Phantom Injury, and A Bedroom Scene." from

"Don't Panic Until You See Zombies" from Out-Numbered

"'Daddy, Kitties Don't Get Cold in the Freezer'" from The Dadicals

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Viva la Five Star Friday!

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