Five Star Friday: Edition #46

It's a good thing that I'm getting this Five Star Friday out here earlier today, because there is clearly a lot of good reading for your bosses to pay you to do to do here before the weekend starts.

Happy Five Star Friday!

"Four Words" by TwoBusy at DadCentric

"Venus in Aries Retrograde and Anger as a Guiding Force" from Willow's Web Astrology

"Once Upon a Time" from Nothing but Bonfires

"Like Rain on Your Wedding Day" from Finslippy

"His Other Woman, My Other Mother: An Overshare" from The Pursuit of Harpyness

"A Lesson to Marketers About the Importance of Reading the Blogs They Pitch to but Who Probably Won't Read This Because They Don't Read the Blogs They Pitch To" from The Bloggess

"Secret Lovers" from Csquaredplus3

"I Am Kind of a Dick." from By Flutter

"Sometimes I Have Some REALLY Crazy Ideas..." from The Lemonade Mama

"Toilets Are Tricky Machines" from The Spohrs Are Multiplying

"Uncle Marky" from Issas Crazy World

"Big Fish, Little Pond" from Welcome to My Planet

"Adventures with Mike, My Retarded Brother" from The Pioneer Woman

And TWO entries were submitted for Monster Apathy, because he is clearly awesome:

"Silverfish Are Nature's Biggist Dicks" from Monster Apathy

"Grocery Beard Strikes Again" from Monster Apathy

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