Five Star Friday: Edition #45

Dear Intertubes:

Sometimes you beg to be kicked in the butt with steel-toed boots, and sometimes you make me sad that I can't gather you up and give you a good snuggle. I am sitting in my living room, watching the sun slowly purple the sky with morning light, and drinking in your stories. It's not even fully day yet, and I've laughed, wept, nodded with understanding, and raised an eyebrow. Oh, yes, I even enjoy a good eyebrow-raising. Thanks for being the cream in my coffee.


"Same Difference" from Apathy Lounge

"Slow Motion Weekdays Stare Me Down" from Honea Express

"It's Not Reality. It's Not Actuality. It's an OBSESSION." from Undomestic Diva

"The Secret to Our Clean Floors" from Dooce

"Based On a True Story..." from A Falling Tree

"Eyesore" from The S.L.C. Blog

"Most Days" from Counting Sheep

"The Delight of Defeet" from Two Makes Four

"Work It, Girl" from Whiskeymarie

"Quickening" from Two Hands Full

"Dear Internet: I'm Placing You On Notice" from Attack of the Redneck Mommy

"No Request Is Too Extreme" from NieNie

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