10 Links And A Creepy Video

I wouldn't give it the moniker "ultimate" like Smashing Magazine did, but it's a pretty darn good collection of free Photoshop patterns.

Someone has decided to show the world scanned cross-sections of sandwiches. I feel for the poor scanners that suffered crumbs and mayonnaise in the process.

Whorange is a style and design weblog. It makes me want what they like.

James Duncan Davidson has some excellent pointers that will help you engage your audience at your next public speaking spot and will allow you to appear both more professional and comfortable.

Gwendolyn MacEwen's "Dark Pines Under Water" has called back some of my favourite memories of exploring water in northern pine forests as a child.

I wouldn't have thought of it, but it only seems to make sense that someone has created an internet meme database.

This toilet is awesome. (sound warning)

"Writing for a Living: A Joy or a Chore?" asks several contemporary authors about how the act of writing makes them feel, and you might be surprised by their answers.

Check out these fascinating and melancholic photos from Pripyat, Ukraine in 2009, an abandoned Chernobyl workers' town.

If you haven't already figured it out, I have a thing for abandoned buildings and urban areas, so I also offer you photographs of 100 abandoned houses.

Watch this creepy, 1970s educational video called "If Mirrors Could Speak", but only if you are not phobic about child clowns:

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