Grace In Small Things: Part 79 of 365

1. Even though we had to try to sleep in a cold airport in the middle of the night, I liked peeking through my coat-blanket at the Palinode across from me on another bench,

2. and even though we had to fly into our hometown TWICE because we couldn't land due to fog and it took us over TWENTY-THREE HOURS to get there, we did not die or crash or tear the skin off our faces,

3. and even though we came home to two litterboxes overflowing with stench and poop, our cats were happy to see us,

4. and even though the cats attempted to kill two of the only plants that I have managed to keep alive, they only killed half of each of them,

5. and even though I was exhausted from travel and needed to decompress, I have friends wonderful enough that I trekked out to see them anyway before crawling back to bed.

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