Five Star Friday: Edition #43

19 excellent posts await you this Five Star Friday! Our faithful readers have submitted quite a fine collection of writing today, I must say.

"Darwin Q & A" from Viper Pilot's Briefing Room

"Talking With the Future" from In Palinode's Palace

"My Name is Inego Montoya, You Keeled My Flowers, Prepare to Die" from Pearl, Why You Little...

"This Might Explain Her God Complex" from Chicky Chicky Baby

"It All Matters, Even TV" from LoLaSuzanne

"The Birth Story, Part Two" from It Was a Very Good Year

"Dream Ghost" from Buggering Crap Monkies

"Musical Roads of the World" from Stalker

"Girl of My Dreams" from Girl's Gone Child

"Thankful" from Jakezilla

"One Year Later" from Formerly Fun

"Catholic Cliff Notes — Ash Wednesday" from Momo Fali's

"Milestones, Rites of Passage and Earth Shaking Events" from Them's My Sentiments

"A Dingo Ate the Baby Jesus! Except I'm the Dingo." from Deb on the Rocks

"Going on the Run with the Goods" from Suburb Sanity

"Good Girls Don't Wear Underpants" from Her Bad Mother

"Triggering Memories" from This? Is Not the Life I Ordered!

"My Son, The Dog" from Scary Mommy

"Blindside vs. Knowing... Both Hurt" from Csquaredplus3

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  • Happy weekend!

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