Five Star Friday: Edition #42

Five Star Friday is here again. Grab some coffee, keep an extra tab open in your browser to make it look like you're working, and spend some quality time with these authors:

"The Beginning" from Violence Unsilenced

"Still the One" from Well Read Hostess

"Where I'm From" from The Little Egg Farm

"The 20 Male Poses of Facebook" from 2birds1blog

"Heart, Break" from Mama Non Grata

"Beautiful Girl" from Poetic License

"Target Women: Chocolate" by Sarah Haskins at Current

"Evolution of Love" from Bacon Is My Enemy

"Stay-At-Home-Dad Training Guide" from STL Homeboy

"Someone Is After Mah Man!" from Miss Britt

"Dadhood" from Rude Cactus

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    MamaPop, Five Star Friday, And GiST