Check The Feed

When I started this website well over five years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. None. I wrote crap that makes me cringe, I added flashy widgets that slowed down the load time and watched my ad revenue dribble in a penny at a time. I played around with html and broke my website more than one hundred times.

I also burned FOUR different feeds for this one website for reasons that are entirely unclear to me now. 20% of you are using three of those unnecessary feeds, and this has kept me from stopping the insanity for three years, but no more!

In thirty days, three of my feeds will give up the ghost, kick the bucket, snuff out, expire. Before then, could you pretty please double check your feedreader and make sure that you are subscribed to this feed address?

Thank you for weathering this public service announcement. I send you kisses.

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