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Is It Illegal To Falsely Claim That I Am Her Majesty The Queen?

Occasionally I fall down the rabbit hole that is searching for and purchasing domain names. I once nearly bought manstercacks.com because monstercocks.com was already taken. I didn't have any plans for manstercacks.com. I just thought it was hilarious at the time.

Aaaaanyway, I fell down that rabbit hole this morning when I picked out a new internet project for myself, because I just can't get enough — and, no, I won't tell you what it is, because it's a surprise — and when I bought the .ca version of the domain name, I was asked to give my name and declare my legal type.

I picked "Canadian Citizen", because that's what I am, but when I read further down the list, it took all my will not to declare myself "Her Majesty the Queen".

MyDomain.com wants to know if I am Her Majesty the Queen

It's weird to have a choice that only one person on the entire planet could ever pick, and I don't figure the Queen of England to be the sort of person who buys herself domain names of a Monday morning like I do. Unless she is. If I were her, I'd probably be buying domain names like thequeenofenglandisawesomewithawesomesauce.com and iamthequeenanddontyouforgetit.com and iheartcorgies.com all the time.

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