Me at MamaPop: Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara Have Called It Quits. Oh, No.

"Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara Have Called It Quits. Oh, No.":

As I write this, I am rolling down a Canadian highway on a dark winter morning on an intercity bus without internet but for my tiny iPhone screen. This means that I am forced to tell you about whatever pop culture tidbit my iPhone's SearchTrends app spits out at me, which means I have the choice between David Goldman and his fight to regain custody of his son who was abducted down to Brazil and Jamie-Lynn Sigler (formerly DiScala), best known as Meadow Soprano of The Sopranos, and her split with Jerry Ferrara of Entourage. I flipped a Canadian nickel, and it landed beaver side up, so you get Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

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