How I Know I Married Well

The Palinode and I are walking home in the dark after an excellent supper of ethiopian food. Ice crystals fall from the sky, finely dusting their coats and the cars that line the street.

first snow

Palinode: Those are some tiny ass flakes.

Me: They're so small. They're more like ice crystals. [turns to look at the Palinode] Did you just say "tiny assflakes"?

Palinode: Like I said: those are some tiny ass flakes.

Me: Assflakes? Ew.

Palinode: Tiny [pause] ass [pause] flakes, as in "those flakes are tiny-ass".

Me: Good. I really didn't like the idea of us walking through a shower of assflakes.

Palinode: But they would be GOD's assflakes.

Me: I don't think I'd even like God's assflakes.

Palinode: What if they were manna?

Me: [snorts] So, a 36-year-old and a 38-year-old were walking down the street...

Palinode: ...talking about assflakes....

And scene.

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