How Do You Measure Your Creative Success?

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I am driven to create things. I actually feel psychologically tortured when I am not working on some project or other. This is why I have my hands in so many little projects. My creativity's an itch that needs scratching. A lot of scratching. Like a drug addict picks scabs.

Lately, though, despite my writing for several websites, having written an entire novel last month, being nominated in four categories in the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards, photography, and crafting, I am overwhelmed by the feeling that I am falling short somehow, that I should be creating more. Always, I feel that there should be more. It makes me wonder at which point I will feel that it is enough. Will I spend my whole life chasing an elusive sense of creative success?

How do you know when you've been creatively successful?
How do you measure it?

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