"Birds On A Wire" For More Christmas Birdly Awesome

Back in April 2008, I created a masthead for this website that I kind of fell in love with. Can I say that about something I made? Well, I am.

2008 April - birds

I wanted to do something more with the image, but I wasn't sure what, and then I did all kinds of things like having a life, and then I forgot about it. Then, one day, I got an e-mail from Loralee — who you should check out, by the way, because I said so — and she was wondering if I could turn that masthead into a poster for her new baby. The original masthead was too small for that, so I got to work redrawing it as a much larger piece with my Bamboo tablet, and then I re-fell in love with it. That big red bird with the eyepatch is my cuddlemonkey schnookums.

Aaaaanyway, to make a growing story shorter, the poster turned out well enough that I decided to share it with more than just Loralee and I, and I uploaded it to Imagekind:

You can get the poster in a variety of sizes from 10"x2.3" to 60.0"x13.5", framed or unframed, but I created it to be 48.0"x10.8", which means four whole feet of birdly awesome.

Alternately, I also have notecards available like this and this, which are lovely for parties or just saying Arrrrrr!:

You can still order in time for Christmas, so just click on the appropriate link below to order your Birds On A Wire:

I want a Birds On A Wire wall poster of my chosen size.

I want a set of Birds On A Wire notecards with all the birds on them.

I want a set of Birds On A Wire notecards with only the two birds on them.

My annual panic is setting in, because I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet, so I think a few people might be getting Birds On A Wire. My dad totally needs cute, peepy birds on his wall, right?

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