Five Etsy Must-Haves

Even though I am utterly broke, I chose to spend a couple of hours trolling through Etsy, because there is nothing like window shopping when there's a recession on. Here's what I found in the way of accessories and outerwear, top down:

1. I love vintage eyewear, so these 1950s cat's eye spectacles caught my eye, even though I could never pull them off because they're too small for my sizable noggin.

2. Check out this honey dijon scarf. It's simple and sweet. Also, I have developed a thing for yellow over the last couple of years and have started to secretly believe that it goes with everything. It does, right? Right?

3. I am often not a fan of belted jackets, but this one is a belted cloak, so there is still some of the looseness I like along with some definition from the belt. I am a fan.

4. I own about four different variations on this theme, but I think I can make room for one more messenger bag. It's just so handsome, and it is more structured than most others of its class. You can just tell that it turns its nose up at its lesser, shabbier looking brethren.

5. If you don't like these lotus mary janes, there is something wrong with you. Seriously. Get thee to a therapist and work on your issues until you can see the absolute rightness of tiger’s eye coloured carved stone buttons.

Etsy, I love you. Call me.

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