Five Star Friday's Edition #79

When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen. But if you have not a pen, I suppose you must scratch any way you can.

   — Samuel Lover

This week's roundup is brought to you by Down Syndrome, gratitude, neglect, gift giving, cancer, fathers and sons, Scrabble, grief, rape, getting someone to switch, pouring love into the things you do, bedtime rituals, the falling of the Berlin Wall, Roald Dahl, people's ability or inability to change, Livejournal drama, love loss, racial stereotyping, memories, charity, inner strength, a feral kitten, The Great Interview Experiment, parenthood as a language, Buddhism, a meme, Canada's Remembrance Day, too much family, depression, and a childhood in East Germany.

Also, I invite you to share links to your own good blog entries in the comments. Seriously. Drop your modesty at the door and give us the good stuff.

Also, I have a little charitable voting thing I would like to prevail upon you to help me out with. It has been brought to my attention that a certain program that benefits inner city youth in my city (Regina, Saskatchewan) needs funding and that it needs votes to get that funding, so if you could pretty please with a cherry on top click on the following link and vote for the Scott Hip Hop Project, those who run and those who benefit from the program would likely be very pleased. Thank you.

Happy Friday!

"How Could My Son's Birth Be 'Wrong'?" from BLOOM

"Blessings" from Huckdoll

"Other Voices, Other Rooms" from Slouching Past 40

"My Dad's Idea of Gift Giving" from

"Lessons In Cancer" from Dashley Steele

"Fathers and Sons" from Momalom

"Weary of You" from All Adither

"Need" from Chicky Chicky Baby

"Naming Names — It's My Choice" from After Silence

"Can't Top This" from Seth Godin's Blog

"Finding Niemann" from the explicit

"Silhouettes" from Boy Crazy

"Door Number One" from The Dark Slide

"Once Upon a Time: I Won a Golden Ticket" from William Bezek the Artist

"Can People Change?" from Opinions for Nothing

"Messiahs Need People Dying In Their Names..." from Snackiepoo

"Missing" from blah blah

"If He's Black, He Must Rap" from fourfour

"Wordy One-Pager" from ArtJournal

Two from Burgh Baby:
"I Still Have You"
"Christmas Crazy for Kids"

"Invictus" from Sweetney

"The Storeh of the Kitteh" from Miss Doxie

"The Great Interview Experiment Returns" from Citizen of the Month

"Not Wanting Kids = A Different Language" from Ivy League Insecurities

"The Bodhisattva Warrior" from uncouth heathen

"Oddly Enough, Today Is Also the First Day of the Rest of the Month" from flurrious

"Je Me Souviens" from TurtleHead

Two from
"We're Gonna Need Bigger Fish"

"Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down This Wall" from in your face suckers*

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