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Me at MamaPop: Céline Dion's In Vitro Second Pregnancy Did Not Take

"Céline Dion's In Vitro Second Pregnancy Did Not Take":

Being one of the Canadian minority here on MamaPop, I feel that I am uniquely suited to talk about Céline Dion and how deeply apologetic a good number of us northerners feel that we allowed her and her saccharine brand of wailing celebrity to grow to prominence. Her fertility woes leave me feeling conflicted, though, because now I feel like I have to be nicer about her talent, which is really hard, because we Canadians have had to hear a lot more of her than anyone else, and my ears, they have suffered TWENTY YEARS of violation.

Personal conflict aside, though, it is sad to hear that Céline Dion's in vitro pregnancy has failed after she, 41, and her husband René Angélil, 67, made an excited announcement in August that she was pregnant with their second child.

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