22 Halloween Photos And An Awkward Moment Involving Duck Sex

Despite my grinchly attitude toward Halloween, I had a fantabulous time.

Mackenzie and Shanan
Mackenzie and Shanan and Breandan
Shanan and Mackenzie and Breandan
Zack as Dr. Octomom
Gideon's Bible

At the bottom of the above photo, you'll notice that I signed a Bible with the following: Bible thing! Also, sorry about the duck genitals.

There was a guy dressed as a priest who walked around with a stolen Gideon's Bible. He was having people sign it, and when he handed me his pen we ended up deep in a conversation about the finer points of the bizarre nature of duck sex and their genitalia. Quite suddenly and without warning, he decided that the subject was far too disturbing for him and ran off, leaving his Bible behind.

I don't know what gets into me sometimes that I will pursue avenues of really inappropriate conversation with people I barely know, but it happens despite my swearing every time that I won't do it again. I could probably write a whole book about being so awkward that my awkwardness actually scares people away, but no one would want to go through the many hours of feeling awkward along with me that it would take to get through the book, so it would end up on sale shelves with 99-cent stickers on them, and I would feel bad about scaring people away with my awkwardness in print.

Anyway, I felt really bad about scaring off a priest with stories about the strangeness of duck sex, and I wanted to apologize without further torturing him with my conversation style, so I wrote my apology in his stolen Bible, which I then also felt guilty about, because now he will be reminded of our conversation every time he opens his Bible.

Can I help you associate reading your Bible with duck genitalia? Certainly!

Oh, the minefield that is the art of conversation!

Laurie and Stacy
Paige and Kyleah
camel and ape
the other Aidan
Nick and Laurie

(The above photos were taken with my iPhone using either the TiltShift Generator or the ShakeItPhoto applications.)

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