My New Joy In iPhone Photography

Aidan iPhoning

I've been getting into taking photographs with my iPhone, because with the help of a few apps, they can turn out far moodier than you would think possible, like this one of a fall street I took a couple of weeks ago.

Here is how I achieved the look of the above photo of the Palinode with his iPhone:

  • I used the Camera Genius app to take a picture of the Palinode sitting across from me in a dimly lit restaurant while his face was illuminated by his iPod screen.
  • Then, I opened the photo in CameraBag and applied the Helga effect.
  • Then, I opened the version of the photo saved with CameraBag's Helga effect in PS Mobile, turned the photo to black & white, and then applied the Vibrant effect.

  • One thing I did not expect when I purchased my iPhone is that I would use it as a second camera, but it's proved to be a welcome addition to my arsenal.

    If you have an iPhone and have gotten creative with the picture-taking end of its abilities, let me know what applications you use. My addiction needs feeding.

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