In Which I Answer Your Questions About Music and Me

I had you ask me questions on Sunday, and so far I've answered questions about place and questions about the Palinode and I. Today, I am tackling what you wanted to know about me music-wise.

Anna asked:
What band would you like to be the lead singer of?

I really thought long and hard about his question, because as much as it seems easy to answer, it isn't, because there is no one band that I would want to be the lead singer of, but there are several lead singers that I wouldn't mind having aspects of. For instance, I grew up idolizing Robert Smith of The Cure and Morrisey of The Smiths, and I wouldn't mind being Mobert Smorrisey for a little while. I also have a strange affection for Courtney Love and a mad crush on Scout Niblett, so being a Scourtney Lovlett wouldn't be too bad for a day or two until the cops caught up with me.

Joy! asked:
You've said that you still love the Doxology. I wonder if you've ever sung with a choir and if you still like to sing. What kind of music do you enjoy singing? Alternatively, if you were to put together a band or musical group, what would be your ideal contribution?

I do love to sing and sang in choirs for more than 15 years, including a choir that toured western Canada. For the last 15 years, though, I have mostly sung around the house, torturing the cats with my tremulous fake opera voice, although I did have a brief stint in 2005 in which I practiced a couple of times with a branch of the Sweet Adelines, and, yes, it involved jazz hands.

I have a confession to make: I love jazz hands. And spirit fingers. And that open-mouthed lean-in with the exaggerated wink. I sometimes like to pull those moves out when I'm cooking or cleaning the bathtub. This sauce is sizzling *JAZZ HANDS*. Look at my bathtub sparkle and shine *SPIRIT FINGERS*. Yes, your life can be your own personal glee club. IT'S TRUE.

My main experience with public singing is religious and barbershop, but I like to sing just about anything. Just yesterday I was belting out some Electric Light Orchestra, but I have also been known to sing things along the lines of Peter, Paul & Mary and Regina Spektor. If I can hit the notes, I'm up for it.

As far as putting my own musical group together, I think that I would want my contribution to be as Lord and Master. That way no one would have the right to complain if I demanded MORE TAMBOURINE! or yelled WHERE THE HELL IS A HANDBELL CHOIR WHEN YOU NEED ONE?! My insistence on high levels of cheez would have to go unquestioned.

I have to admit that I'm a little shocked at my answer to that last question. I was raised a pacifist. I took an entire university class on Gandhian nonviolence. I guess my dedication to cheez is far more serious than I had previously thought.

Next up: I will answer your questions about blogging. *BIG WINK* Cha cha cha.

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