Jasper, A Mouldy Old Footstool Impersonator

I am obviously no longer satisfied with writing about my own cats (Oskar, Onion, and Lula) and my mother-in-law's cats (Jake and Ginger), because I have now started dragging strange cats from my mother-in-law's neighbourhood into my catblogging.

This 20-some pound beast is Jasper. He likes to pretend that his tolerance of humans is threadbare, and he is pretty good at it. Do you see his facade of weariness here? I am such a tiresome pest. Also, I might be a touch loathsome. He head-butted me and then bit my forehead, which I think means that he's undecided.


Jasper's sense of entitlement knows no bounds. He believes that all territory is his, which includes the insides of everyone's houses, regardless of how those houses' pets feel about it. Jasper has been wandering into my parents-in-law's house for years, taking care to hoover up generous quantities of food, impersonate a mouldy old footstool, and remain unmoved by Jake and Ginger's ongoing disapproval with every visit.


In the summer, he likes to lean way, way down into the swimming pool so that he can lap up the chlorinated water, and it takes all my willpower to restrain myself from tipping his butt into the pool.

Love can express itself in strange ways sometimes.

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