Five Star Friday's Edition #73

Thank your readers and the critics who praise you, and then ignore them. Write for the most intelligent, wittiest, wisest audience in the universe: Write to please yourself.

   — Harlan Ellison

Your day is now dedicated to the following activities:

1) READ the smashing weblog entries listed below that have been submitted by their fans.

2) COMMENT on said smashing weblog entries so that the authors can float about on a cloud of awesomeness throughout the weekend.

3) PROMOTE YOUR OWN WORK by leaving a link in the comments here.

Happy Friday!

"13 Ridiculous Food Labels That Might Be Fooling You" from Natural Bias

"Some Days I Feel As If I Am Drowning" from Accidental Olympian

"Going Off" from The Notorious BHJ

"Guilty!" by Lucy Knisley

"Me & Jimmy" from XUP

"John Phillips & Roman Polanski: Two Big Conversations and One Big Question" from Blog This Mom!

"Sushi Surprise" from Doves Today

"416 Days" from Mommy Needs Meds

"Me, Darth Vader's Brother, Guy Kawasaki and the Hijacker from The Usual Suspects. Just, You Know, Hanging Out" from The Bloggess

"May You Be Signed and Sealed In the Book of Life" from Not-Ever-Still Life With Girls

"I Am Not Claire Huxtable and This Is Not the Cosby Show" from An Acorn Dreaming

"Loving a Brother" from Isa, Leukemia, Life

"Gifts" from Slouching Past 40

"Love & Loss" from Kill the Goat

"The Font of All Knowledge" from Mr London Street

"Three Years Ago Today, I Nearly Died, And It May Have Saved My Life" from Karen Sugarpants

"Please, Think of the Hipsters!" from Fever 2 Tell

"Snips and Snails and the Unbearable Heaviness of Roman Polanski" from Her Bad Mother

"Oh You Can't Speak to a Brotha?" by Ndidi Oriji at Racialicious

"America's Next Top Model: Only Slightly Better Than Chewing Glass" from Deanne Smith

"Scootastrophe!" from Amalah

"Forgiveness" from flutter

"If You're Easily Offended, You Should Definitely Read This" from Mayopie

"Living Up to My Mother's Image" from Classy Chaos

"What Happens Now?" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"Thank You, Jane Brody!" from Finslippy

Please come back and share good writing with us over the coming week to be featured on the next Five Star Friday. If you have read a really good piece on someone else's weblog, submit it by Thursday at midnight CST to have it featured on Five Star Friday.

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