Five Star Friday: Edition #36

Whether you are at home with the childrens or are stuck in a cubicle somewhere or are one of those lucky bastards surfing the internet from your iPhone far away from my frigid winter temperatures, grab a coffee/tea/healthy shot of scotch, pretend that nobody matters more than you for a few moments, and peruse the remarkable collection of weblog entries sent in by readers over the last week. You guys dug up some good work, my friends. Thank you.

"The Mirror" from Greeblemonkey

"Jerry's Shadow" from The Wind in Your Vagina

"You Break It, You Buy It" from Mimi Smartypants

"Souffle Confessions: How I Lost My Kitchen Virginity to a French Madame" from The Skinny Gourmet

"For Better, For Worse" from Dooce

"Blame It on Bonaduce" from Red Stapler

"Imagined Conversations with Steve Martin upon Seeing a Commercial for Pink Panther 2" from Monkey Disaster

"Where the Wild Things Aren't" from Sweet Juniper!

"The Lions: The Final Straw in the Decline of Detroit" from Activation Energy

"Being Back" from Jesus' Favorite

"The Curious Case of My Disappearing $19" from [redacted]

"I Just Need a Name for My Hookers. Like Something About Loving "Sea Men" but Classy, You Know?" from The Bloggess

"Fried Eyeball Cafe" from The S.L.C. Blog

"25 Things About Savia" from Saviabella

"Walking in Black Shoes" from A Beautiful Day in the Reneeborhood

"Let's Talk Bipolar Bears" from Breed 'Em and Weep

NSFW (some nudity):
"My Snuggie" from Father Muskrat

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