Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #12

This is the first Intrepid Tuesday of 2009, and I am so pleased to see how many of you came out to strut your stuff.

(photo credit: Laurence Shan)

The bloggers who submitted their entries this week are a keen bunch of people, so hug them all virtually with your comments and e-mails. They deserve it.

"So Bad It Could Blind You" from Jen on the Edge

"How to Walk Through a Crowded Mall" from My Three Sons

"The Bee Family Snowed In/Winterfest Games" from Janana Bee

"Wrapping Up Loose the Ends" from One Ping Only

"Diary of a Lovesong" from Daisybones

"Ten" from Mommy Melee

"The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Statuary" from Pardon the Egg Salad

"How Do You Say Plunger in Tagalog" from What She Really Wants

"A Series of Unfortunate Discoveries" from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction

"'Maybe I’ll Be Clear By The End of the Week!'" from Okay City

"Save Handmade!" from

"Jen A. Sells Magazines Because Her Boobs Are Just So Damn Round" from Traveling Circus

"Happiness Is a New Calendar" from House of Prince

"Bucket Lists and Everyday Goals" from Radiate the Dance

"Skinny" from Michelle Woo

If you've written excellent weblog content, take a moment to submit one of your own entries to Intrepid Tuesday and show off your talent. If you read another person's weblog entry that is so good it begs to be shared, submit it to Five Star Friday to be featured this coming Friday.

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Until Friday!

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