Grace In Small Things: Part 44 of 365

1. I did not let myself grow unreasonably morose about the fact that my recent decision to quit psych medication has rendered me temporarily unable to knit anything that makes sense. It goes a bit like this: knit, knit, drop a stitch, backtrack, purl, shit, no, knit, knit, drop the needle, to hell with it.

2. A friend and I ended up being stuck at a stranger's farmhouse one afternoon, and they had this cherry red, deep shag carpet all over the main floor that the farmer's wife obviously took care of with incredible devotion, because when I complimented her on it, she blushed. Or maybe that was just the reflection off the carpet.

3. The Palinode stopped halfway through doing the dishes and said "How likely do you think it is that I have an avocado in my pants?". You just can't make that stuff up.

4. Where one beer is good, two are better.

5. As soon as I broke down and brought an entire roll of toilet paper into the living room so that I could tend to this cold of mine, my nose stopped dripping.

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