15 Links For January 5, 2009

They featured my Ralphie the Dead Kitty on Craftastrophe!

Terry Pratchett, the author, has been knighted.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: "If sex is an urge to procreate, then hunger's an urge to defecate."

I'm not sure, but I think this just might be Patti Smith blogging.

Read "Madness", a poem by Ernst Herbeck, translated by Gary Sullivan and Oya Ataman. How these poems came about and the process of their translation is fascinating.

This truly awful photograph make me think that Annie Leibovitz has lost her freaking mind.

On the awesomeness of the American economy front, activists are moving squatters into empty, foreclosed home.

One Two Fiver will fix your writer's block yesterday.

Nicole Dextras' flower arrangement as attire in her art series Weedrobes is breathtaking. I can only imagine what they must have looked like in person.

Mr. Head tells a good story with "A Fiction, Brought On by the Stress of the Season".

Tweet Later:
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"Matthew's Non-Theme-Based Fancy Dress Party" will kill you dead with the funny.

Here is what can happen when you play with bubbles outside on a very cold night.

Kottke has done a good roundup of links with "The Best Links 2008".

Andy Warhol, Steven Spielberg, and Bianca Jagger in conversation:

Grace In Small Things: Part 44 of 365

Researchers Discover Massive Asshole In Blogosphere