Five Star Friday: Edition #39

I'm doing Five Star Friday in style this morning, and so should you. If you're at home, you can play it like me and sit in bed, cozy against the world with your laptop, a hot cup of coffee, and cheese and crackers at your side. If you're at work, pretend that your office java is somewhere near decent, wrap your coat around you in lieu of a blanket, and savour some vending machine delight while pretending that today's Five Star Friday is part of your project research. Besides, Five Star Friday is important anyway, being that we need quality creativity to feed our souls, n'est-ce pas?

Read, comment to let the authors know they're just as good as someone said they were, and head into a happy weekend, my lovelies.

"So This Is What It Feels Like" from Uncouth Heathen

"Book of You" from Sizzle Says

"Joshua Ferris (Thank You)" from 123 I Love You

"Meditation on the Intravidual (Take One)" from Old Dog Paw's Blog

"Heroic Block Party" from Noodle Junction

"Quiz: Are You a Moderator or an Abstainer?" from The Happiness Project

"One of My Favorite Stories. That I Forgot About. And That Applies to Real Life." from Not Perfect

"'Roid Rage" from All & Sundry

"The Most Popular Fashion Apparel At Blissdom Better Be Spanx" from Queen of Shake-Shake

"A Lesson Learned" from

"How I Think Now, Thanks to Facebook" from Rockzee

"Parenting" from The Wind in Your Vagina

"The Truth About the Blanket" from It's All About the Small Stuff

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