Five Star Friday: Edition #38

Happy Friday!

Before we get into the pile of excellent reading that lies before us, I am going to tell you about this community I started called Grace in Small Things. I started it because January can be hard on the soul, and we could all use a pick-me-up. Even the grinchiest among us feels pretty good about the place, so head on over to Grace in Small Things and check out — AFTER you read the posts here, of course.

Now go and read, love, and comment to let these writers know how awesome they are.

"Buttons and Banality" from Smyrish

"Late Night Crazies" from Four Square No. 266

"Protect That Good Thing" from Ministry So Fabulous!

"Katie" from Champagne Hercules

"Stop Thief" from Is There Any Mommy Out There?

"You Would Be Surprised At the Looks You Get..." from General Mayhem

"Lucy's January Wednesday Hourlies: Part 3" from ArtJournal

"Alterity" from The Landfill

"A Conversation with My Mother" from Badger Meets World

"If the Question Is, Did Tom Cruise Always Want to Kill Hitler, Then the Answer Is Yes. Yes He Did." by the Palinode at MamaPop

"No Two Alike" from Irish Gumbo

"This Is Like the Brown Water After a Hydrant Flush" from Zipbag of Bones

"The Secret to Life" from tallnlucky blog

"UPDATED: Obama Fever = Better Than Dengue Fever, Not Quite As Good As Boogie Fever" from The Bloggess

"The True History of the Bush Years" from Making Light

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