Five Star Friday: Edition #35

It's the first Five Star Friday of the New Year, and after much sleeping in/bad internet connection problems/coffee consumption, here it is!

As I often remind you to do — but, dammit, I mean it — comment on the posts below and show their authors some love. Someone thought well enough of them to nominate them for this honour, and — dammit again — I want the bloggers mentioned here to FEEL IT.

Of course, you know, reign your love in a little bit, because there's no need to come on all creepy-like or break any anti-stalking laws.

"Breadcrumbs" from Issas Crazy World

"Bless Me, Friends, For I Have Sinned" from

"Christmas Wishes" from The Kids Are Alright

"Pas de Deux" from Lesbian Dad

"You Know You're a Crap Blogger When..." from tinsenpup

"Naked Truth" from A day in the life of...

"It's Not 867-5309, But It Will Do--Or--Why I Still Love the Library" from Apathy Lounge

"Mom's Dress" from Buggering Crap Monkies: My Reality Check

"Older and Wiser" from Mind Bloggling

"There Were No Footprints" by iampunha at Daily Kos

"You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Sneer" from navel gazing at its finest

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