Five Star Friday: Edition #37

My life today has fallen into the bottom of the hourglass, so I just have enough time to wish you all a happy Five Star Friday and run off.

Read, comment, and love!

"So Much Depends on the Dogs" from Chubby Mommy Running Club

"Lessons Lost" from Oh, The Joys

"What Alcoholism Looks Like in the ICU" from Subdural Flow

"You Can Choose" from 3 Cute Kids

"Down with Homework" from Things I've Found in Pockets

"Exactly Where Should the Ring Go?" from Textburgher

"His Name Is Davin Carroll" from Sarcastic Mom

"Watercolors Of The Past" from Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

"No_WayCupid" from Typing Makes Me Sound Busy

"Totally Awkward Tuesday: Donating My Body to Science" from Ann's Rants

"Heath Ledger Wins Golden Globe And Continues To Ignite" by Black Hockey Jesus at MamaPop

"Perspective" from Momo Fali's

"Misspellings, Misgivings and A Little Poop On My Head" from Songcrafting

"My Little Von Trapps" from Formerly Fun

"Dream Comic!" from Artjournal

"This Dog's Broken" from The Bloggess

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