Meet Polly Esther Fuzzybottom

I have been relatively internet-free since sometime last week. Because I wasn't typing much of anything, my fingers were itching for busywork, so I decided to wrangle some pink, fuzzy yarn with a crochet hook.

Polly Esther Fuzzybottom 3

I pretty much hate loopy yarn now. Loopy yarn pretty much hates crochet hooks.

Polly Esther Fuzzybottom 2

I am bad at making stuff that stands up on its own, so extra-precious Polly Esther Fuzzybottom scored herself a nest to keep her upright.

Polly Esther Fuzzybottom 1

No mind-altering chemicals were consumed in either the construction or naming of Polly Esther Fuzzybottom, except for maybe some beer. And karaoke.

Polly Esther Fuzzybottom 4

Sadly, her cuteness was taken off the market by my friend Honey Brown as soon as she surfaced. At least she has granted me visitation rights. Ms. Fuzzybottom's preciousness is hard to shake.

On tomorrow's menu: Edwina, the macrocephalic, pasties-wearing, knocked-up crackpot.

Meet Edwina, The Macrocephalic, Pasties-Wearing, Knocked-Up Crackpot

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