Pimp Your Baby

baby pimp costumeIf you've been looking for that perfect costume for your baby's first Halloween, look no further! For only $29.99, you can buy the Infany baby pimp costume, replete with money print suit pants and jacket and black and gold pimp hat. The item description reads thusly:

Our Baby Pimp Costume is too cute for words. This super fly baby costume is great for babies first Halloween photos. For a fun family costume idea consider any of our Pimp Costumes for any age.

Not only can you pimpify your little bundle of joy, but you can also get the whole family in on the pimp action, because if there's one thing we North Americans like, it's pimps. The pimp has become a cultural icon to which we have attached a great sense of kitsch, and what better way to express our love of kitsch and pimps than to dress up our babies in tasteless clothing in order to give them the look of violent rapists who entice women into sexual slavery and rent out their most intimate body parts for money to strangers who, aside from the pay-for-rapes, will very likely further physically and psychologically torture them.

That's fun, right? And cute! Especially for babies, because they're too little to be purveyors of rape! I mean, your sons and daughters are being raised in a patriarchal culture rife with rape apologizers anyway, so why not teach them the ropes as early as possible?

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