The Annual Garden Crawl

MIL's garden 12
wheelbarrow from a height

Every summer, I spend part of a weekend crawling all over my mother-in-law's back yard with a camera. It has become an annual event, if you can call one person crawling on their hands and knees around a compost pile an event.

MIL's garden 13
eggshell in a compost heap

It was a bit late in the season to be snapping pictures of flowers, because most of her blooms were decidedly on the dead side, but it turns out that dead things can be fairly photogenic.

MIL's garden 3
mostly dead

I like nails and old fences and how they look all vintagey in black and white.

MIL's garden 10
nail heads

And it turns out that the handle on a garden shovel can be a wanton whore for a camera lens.

MIL's garden 15
dirty slut

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