Racism In Sunday School

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I was just standing over the stove buttering some bread and wondering how old the butter was that I was using. Sometimes I will take just a bit off the brick in the refrigerator and put it in a little glass bowl so that there is just enough soft butter for a piece of bread, because it keeps me from hogging down half a loaf. The thing is, I don't remember when I took this particular little bit of butter out of the fridge, and so I started wondering if the butter was rancid. How long does it take for butter to go off?

Anyways, thinking about how the butter might be rotten brought to mind this ridiculous thing that a sunday school teacher told me once, and I guffawed right there mid spread. I am almost embarrassed to write down what she told our sunday school class, because it resulted in over a decade of racist thinking from when I was seven or eight years old, and I didn't even know it was racist at the time.

Okay, here goes. This sunday school teacher told our class that men who wore turbans smelled bad because they wore rotten butter under them. I ended up walking around for more than ten years with the assumption that men in turbans stank, which is ridiculous, because my male neighbours both across the street and next door wore turbans, and they were perfectly decent, non-smelly people that I saw all the time. I highly doubt they walked around with a wad of rotten dairy product stashed under those wrapped scarves. Still, that sunday school teacher's stupid statement stuck with me, because you should totally trust whatever your sunday school teacher tells you, right?

I hereby extend an apology for my misinformed ignorance lo those many years.

Also, I think I just ate a bunch of rancid butter. I do not recommend it. It tastes funky.

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