Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #3

It's Intrepid Tuesday!
I slept in today!
I moved heavy furniture yesterday!
And now my arms hurt a lot when I type!
So just enjoy the intrepids below!
And send me psychic arm massages!
But not in a creepy way!

"Annie Proulx: NO MOAR BROKEBACK SLASHFIC PLZ" by Snarky Amber at MamaPop

"Focus - Single Mindedness Isn't a Bad Thought..." from Kenny's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blog

"Twitter Tragedy: A Cry for Help Unheard" from Magick Sandwich

"False Eyelashes, Lies, and Videotape" from The Benevolent Dictator

"Dreamy" from Motherhood in NYC

"Here's the Problem with Canadian Politics" from Traveling Circus

"Greetings from X: When You Want to Send the Very Best" from Ice Cream Is Nice Cream

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Until Five Star Friday!

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