What I Did Today

Friday is coming to an end, and I completely forgot to tell what I have been up to all day.

First, I wrote a post over at MamaPop that is now its feature post: Yes, Women Are for Raping, for "Law & Order" Tells Us So.

Second, I published the 25th edition of Five Star Friday: Fünf Stern Freitag. There was an outbreak of German this morning.

Third, I posted links on my new linkblog: Schmutzie's Linkblog. I know. That title has a surprising twist of wit. Except that it doesn't.

Fourth, I felt all stompy and angry off and on all day. I yelled at the cats, I mouthed off on a hate site, and I caught myself growling through gritted teeth. Then, the Palinode walked up to me and held out a piece of cheese.

"You'd better take this", he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"You'd better take it if you want to catch the last train to the havarti party", he replied.

I love that man.

The Street From Where I Sit

Fünf Stern Freitag: Edition #25