Fünf Stern Freitag: Edition #25

Before we get on with the show, I must tell you all how much I look forward to Friday mornings now that I have Five Star Friday. I get to wake up, drink some coffee, and read through the day's submissions. This is purely selfish, I'll have you know, because this has become my time to laugh, cry, and learn along with the rest of you without having to pull myself through the insurmountable drudgery that my burgeoning feedreader has become. Thank you.

Over the coming week, remember to keep an eye out for well-written weblog posts, and take a moment to submit the best to Five Star Friday for next week's edition. Also, take another moment to subscribe to Five Star Friday so that we can get together every week, and, if you so desire, put a badge on your website to let others know what we're up to.

And don't forget, we are also hosting Intrepid Tuesdays here on, well, Tuesdays, of course, which are set aside for you to promote your own writing. Check out our guidelines for submission, and take the plunge. We're an incredibly friendly audience, I promise.


"The Best I Got" from Slouching Past 40

"What's In a Name?" from Midlife Madness

"We Are the Dog" by Judith Warner at The New York Times

"Can You Show Me Heaven on the Internet?" from Shamelessly Sassy

"I Have Gum on My Shoe" from Now That You're on Fire

"The 40s: The Most Delightfully Dangerous Years of Your Life" from Susiej

"Made..." from Mackin Ink

"Want to Disappear" from Dead Language

"Endymion's Sleep" from Her Bad Mother

"The Fruit Test" from The Bloggess

"Squashed" from Little Red Boat

"Letter to My Husband" from My Life as a Hotfessional

"Weddings, The Significance Therein" from Shutter Bitch

"Birthday Letter to the CFO" from Belgian Waffle

"Self-Imposed Limits" from Robert Walker Online

"Imperfect Perfection" from Scary Mommy

"Cheval Grec and the Martini" from Chubby Mommy Running Club

"Notes for Bolter's Writing Space" from Text and Technology Work Area

"Genius" from SoMi

"What's a Good Husband? The Women Respond" from A Good Husband