Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #2

Intrepid Tuesdays are up and running like a terd of hurtles! By which I mean to say, I have not received as many submissions as I expected, but the ones I have been receiving are so worth the clickthrough. Apparently, more of you are more shy and/or modest than I expected. I thought everyone was like me and would throw themselves about on the internet with wild abandon. I guess I'm just slutty that way.

At any rate, I urge you all to get slutty with the internet as soon as you can. Check out our submission guidelines for Intrepid Tuesday and send in your best weblog entries for next week's Intrepid Tuesday. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by inviting newcomers over to your site to have a look around.

Also, while you're here, subscribe to this website to keep up with all of us show-offs on Intrepid Tuesdays and stars on Five Star Fridays, and, if the spirit moves you, take a button for your website to spread the word.

Thank you all once again for your support. This entire website relies pretty much solely on reader submissions, which means, my sweet intrepids and five stars, that YOU are the creators of this little corner of the internet. You are gods!

"How I Learned About Sex - Or - I'm Surprised I EVER Got It Right!" from Life Is Good

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"Self Discoveries in Blogging" from My Life as a Hotfessional

"Change-Resistant (Or: The Fabric of My Life)" from Eating Rice...

"No Apologies" from How I See the World

"Is Forever Enough, Is Forever Enough?" from Another Chance to Get It Right

"Suburbanity and the Future" from Backpacking Dad

"Today" from Heathercoo

"The Crazy" from The Perks of Being Me

"How to Turn That Ugly, Green-Eyed Monster into a Very Cool Broad" from That Cool Broad

"Weathering the Coming Financial Crisis the Hacker's Way" from In Palinode's Palace

"Trek to REI" from Ahead of the Wave

"Sunday Night Apology" from The Eleventh

"I Really Wanted to Be Nice Today... But I Suck... And Apparently I Like Naked Dancers" from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction

Paranoia Mix

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