Intrepid Tuesdays Wants YOU

The second edition of Intrepid Tuesday comes out tomorrow, and it relies on you bold souls willing to be loud and proud about your own good writing to get off the ground.

What is Intrepid Tuesday?

It takes courage and chutzpah to put yourself out there in front of the world, and I have found that you can enter yourself into all the weblog directories you want and still receive very little feedback via traffic to your site and visitors that might actually want to hang around for more than a quick browse. I am hoping that the following idea, although small-scale, can offer a better alternative for some of you who have the urge to be heard.
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Do you have one of your own weblog entries of which you are particularly proud? Would you like us to know it? Then send the post's URL to us to be featured in an edition of Intrepid Tuesday. We'd love to have you!

Check out our submission guidelines for Intrepid Tuesdays and send us what you've got to get a spot in tomorrow's feature post.

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