The Kick Ass Blogger Award

Kick Ass Blogger AwardWhen She Wore Ponytails has bestowed the Kick Ass Blogger Award upon me, which kicks ass, because life's been a little, pardon the expression, crazy, and I feel like this website has been suffering as a result. It's nice to know that I am still kicking ass.

The Kick Ass Blogger Award originated over at MammaDawg as a way to tell others how much you admire them. Some people scoff at these awards that get handed around, but I think they are an excellent vehicle for showing off the bloggers you love that you might not normally highlight. You feel warm and fuzzy, they feel warm and fuzzy, and if they pass it on, more people get to feel warm and fuzzy. It's not rocket science. It's a shampoo commercial.

The rules for giving and receiving the award are simple:

  • Choose five bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers".
  • Let them know in your post about the award or via email, twitter, or blog comments that they have received the award.
  • Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to
  • Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky, and then pass it on.
  • I am devoting my five awards to bloggers I met at the BlogHer '08 conference San Francisco, because if I don't narrow down the pool somehow, I'll be giving eighty-seven of these things away. So, here goes.

    Tracey from Sweetney: Financially, I would not have been able to even go to the conference if it were not for her. She offered me her gently-used Mac laptop so that I could use my computer fund to fly to the conference, and then she let me room with her, which made the conference just affordable enough for me to be able to also eat food while I was there. Without her, I would have been left pining away in Saskatchewan, Canada for a conference that couldn't be.

    Jen from Jenandtonic: It was only half-way through the conference that I realized that I was staying a day longer than my roommate and that I had not one extra dollar to spend on securing the room for another night. Jen to the rescue! She took me in, hung out with me, helped me through the anxiety-inducing airport freakout phase of the trip home, and she let me use her deodorant. If someone lets you use their deodorant, you know they're something special.

    Suebob from Red Stapler: She probably doesn't know this, but she was a calming force for me at the conference. I spent three days keyed up on adrenaline, lack of sleep, and low blood sugar, but every time I was around Suebob, I calmed right down. Without her, I likely would have spent part of the weekend jittering up and down like a jackhammer across the lobby of the Westin St. Francis.

    Loralee from Loralee's Looney Tunes: She and I were at the same panel discussion at the conference, and I decided that I had to meet her and tell her how good it was to hear her offer her voice to the heavy subject matter we were covering. I finally found her in front of me in line to get wine at this ridiculous party at Macy's, and just as I was about to touch her elbow to get her attention, she turned around and started hopping up and down while flashing her name badge at me and exclaiming "You're Schmutzie!". I LOVED HER IMMEDIATELY. Also, she is beautiful, courageous, funny, and completely endearing. No kidding. It wasn't just the fangirliness that won me over.

    Angela from Fluid Pudding: This woman is gorgeous and stupidly funny. And she can stuff more giant marshmallows in her mouth than you can. I think that is reason enough, don't you?

    Who would you give a Kick Ass Blogger Award to?

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