Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #1

Please read yesterday's post, "Tuesdays Are for Being Intrepid".

It is the very first ever Intrepid Tuesday! Considering that I only cemented the idea and asked for submissions yesterday, I am extremely pleased with your enthusiasm and short-notice turnout.

As I said yesterday, this website began with Five Star Fridays, which are all about showing our appreciation for the work of others, but something was missing, and that is where Intrepid Tuesday comes in. This will be a weekly space of up to twenty-five weblog posts whose own authors wanted them to be seen. This is where we get to toot our own horns.

It's all about balance, folks. It's all about balance.

"Front Porch Visitors" from Notes from the Sleep Deprived

"Musings on Steps, Grief, Love, and Old Age. Oh, and Divorcing Dinosaurs." from Can't Remember Diddly!

"Idiots on the Internet... Not for the Faint of Heart!" from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction

"Coming of Age in the Pink Palace" from ...The Almost Right Word

"Does Anybody Do It Better?" from One Ping Only

"Don't Cha Wish Your Momma Were Hot Like Me?" from Dirt & Noise

"Comments on Comments" from Pink Sneakers N'at

"Willkommen, Welcome" from Saviabella

"Grub" from Life Is Weird (and So Am I)

"Saving RLO" from Tales of Wit and Charm

"Mortality" from Pet Cobra

"The Young Shaman" from Psychicgeek

"Some People Need Housekeepers, I Need A..." from 'The Hell?

"Money Comes and Goes" from Robert Walker Online

"The Girl in the Woods" from Buggering Crap Monkies: My Reality Check

"A Lot Like Love" from Michelle Woo

"Working in the Dungeon" from Daysgoby

"Lucky" from Being a Mom of 3 Boyz

"Hair Retrospective" from The Eleventh

Check out the submission guidelines for Intrepid Tuesday and take the bold step to put your writing out there for the world to see. As long as you don't suck. Ha! I'm kidding. No, really, only submit writing that showcases your talent and of which you are proud. This is your chance to bravely impress the hell out of the internets.

Subscribe to this website to keep up with Intrepid Tuesdays and Five Star Fridays, and feel free to take a button for your website to spread the word.

Thank you for being the great community of writers and readers that you are to make this website possible twice as often every week!