Tuesdays Are For Being Intrepid

C.J. from Traveling Circus and I have been chatting about what Five Star Friday is missing. I have always thought of it as a website that can grow and become whatever it is called upon to grow and become, so I was glad to have someone who wanted to engage with me about it and not roll their eyes in that way that says "you're not talking about one of your websites again, are you?" Our conversation got me thinking: Fridays on this website are all about showing other bloggers how much you appreciate their material, but what about showing everybody else how great you think your own material is?

It takes courage and chutzpah to put yourself out there in front of the world, and I have found that you can enter yourself into all the weblog directories you want and still receive very little feedback via traffic to your site and visitors that might actually want to hang around for more than a quick browse. I am hoping that the following idea, although small-scale, can offer a better alternative for some of you who have the urge to be heard.

I have decided to start hosting Intrepid Tuesdays here every week. When? On Tuesdays, of course. Whereas, Fridays are intended for showing love to other weblog authors, Intrepid Tuesdays will be specifically devoted to promoting your own material. Have you written a piece of which you are particularly proud? Send it in. Does it speak well of your talents? Send it in. Do you think that others would be entertained/educated/moved by what you've written? Send it in.

I am limiting the number of published submissions for Intrepid Tuesdays to twenty-five, so not every weblog post submitted will be linked to on any given week if there are more submissions than spots on the list. This way, I can have a life and not spend my entire week coding links. I'm selfish that way.

Submit away, you talented writers, you! If I receive enough submissions before midnight, the first Intrepid Tuesday will be tomorrow morning, so have at it, (just be sure read Intrepid Tuesday's submission guidelines before your do).

Be brave, be bold, and let us all see what you've got!